The cheapest way to maintain healthy hair

I was getting my hair done not too long ago and I asked my hairstylist what I could do to keep my hair healthy. My hair goes through the ringer – highlighting, coloring, flat ironing, curling –  and I want to keep it as healthy as possible while still being able to color and style it. I was prepared to spend big bucks for some fancy hair treatment or leave-in mask, but she told me I didn’t need any of that. In fact, all I needed was something I already had at home.

Coconut oil. 

Like, the kind you cook with. So simple, right? She recommended putting a coconut oil mask on my hair while I was cleaning the house or watching Netflix. About 30 minutes to an hour. Then she said to give it a good shampoo – maybe even a double shampoo – to get the excess residue out (I always need a double shampoo).

“How often should I do it?” I asked. She gave the best answer. “Whenever you feel like your hair needs some extra love.” Simple as that!

And it really works! Safe, natural, and no fuss. I use this kind of  on my hair, but any kind will work. I love when the simplest solution turns out to be best.

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