How to cover dark under eye circles, according to a makeup artist

A longtime makeup artist I worked with gave me the BEST advice on how to cover dark under eye circles, and it completely changed the way I do my makeup. Here are the two simple steps she gave me for covering those pesky under eye circles:

Use a color corrector, not a concealer. I used to always pile on a light-colored concealer under my eyes, but my dark circles would always still show through.maybellinemastercamo My MUA suggested I use Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage (in SC-3), which has thick peach and yellow pigment that you can mix together or use separately. I use the peach-yellow combo under my eyes and it works SO much better than a typical concealer.  If you don’t want to spend the money on Laura Mercier, this Maybelline Color Correcting Kit also works really well and it’s only $10.

Use a separate brush and powder to set your under-eye makeup. This was truly a foreign concept to me before she told me, but this tip has made all the difference. I always just used one powder and one big powder brush to set my entire face. My MUA told me that using a separate brush and powder for just your under eye area keeps that area fresh and light. elfundereyepowderbrushI use Laura Mercier setting powder under my eyes when I’m on camera, but a really affordable option is this e.l.f. HD Undereye Concealer Setting Powder with Brush. You get the powder AND the brush for just three dollars!

And there you have it! Two simple yet effective steps to hiding your dark circles, courtesy of a makeup artist.

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