The 3 NYX lip products you should own

I LOVE the makeup brand NYX.  They make so much great affordable makeup, but I want to start with something the brand does incredibly well – lips. You really can’t go wrong with any NYX lip glosses or lipsticks, but there are three specific products that you really need in your beauty arsenal.

The best part about these NYX lip products? They all look so fancy yet they’re so inexpensive! **Does happy dance around the house** 

To me, NYX lippies rival some of the best lip products on the market (hello, Kylie Lip Kits!) and they are so cheap that it’s easy to stock up on a bunch of great colors. So, without further ado:

nyxmattelipcream1. NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream I wear this lip cream almost every single day, especially when I’m on camera. I usually opt for a nude (like  London, Abu Dhabi, or Athens) but it’s also great for a dramatic red (helloooo, Amsterdam!) or any color your heart desires. The pigments are great, but it doesn’t feel heavy on your lips. 10/10!


2. NYX Butter Gloss This is a cult favorite and another must-have in my makeup bag. My absolute favorite shade is Creme Brûlée – a very natural color with a hint of pink. I absolutely LOVE layering this with a nude matte lip cream (like the ones above) when I’m on camera – it’s a perfect combination. I also like to swipe this on by itself when I’m running out the door. It provides a little oomph but never looks overdone with casual makeup.


3. NYX Lip Lingerie This stuff does not mess around. This goes on like a liquid but finishes matte, and it will stay all day. I repeat: All. Day. The colors are mostly variations of nudes, and my personal favorite shade is Baby Doll. I absolutely love putting this on in the morning, checking my makeup 6 hours later, and seeing that it’s still applied perfectly.

Those are my absolute favorite top 3 NYX lip products and I definitely haven’t even scratched the surface. Their lipsticks are also amazing, and so are a bunch of their face products… but that’s for another post!


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